What is the Deposit Reimbursement Policy?

There are two "Deposit Reimbursement Policy", namely "Wire Transfer Deposit Reimbursement Policy" and "StarzPay Deposit Reimbursement Policy".

1. "Wire Transfer Deposit Reimbursement Policy"
Doo Prime reimburses intermediary bank fees for clients who make a single wire transfer over USD 1,000.

For example, if a client submits a screenshot of a wire transfer deposit showing a transfer of USD 1,820 and the client's account actually ends up receiving USD 1,780, Doo Prime will confirm the deposit order of USD 1,780 and credit the client's trading wallet with USD 40.

2. "StarzPay Deposit Reimbursement Policy"

Due to the large exchange rate difference of StarzPay channel deposits, if a customer deposits more than 1,000 US dollars in a single order, Doo Prime will provide 1 ratio of the deposit amount as compensation to reduce the cost borne by the customer (this compensation is limited to Xinjiang customers), and the compensation will be It will be sent to the customer's transaction wallet within 3 working days. Conversely, deposits below $1,000 will not be compensated.

The company reserves the right to change the above "Deposit Reimbursement Policy" without prior notice.

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