Under what circumstances will clients be denied for cross-currency withdrawals?

In the following situations, clients are not eligible for cross-currency/payment method for deposits and withdrawals, and no payment option for withdrawals is provided:

  1. If any client has not done local bank/wire transfer deposit (withdrawal records from his or her account)
  2. If the client has not deposited money for a long time or the digital currency withdrawal immediately after depositing.
    For example:
    i. If the client deposits money from local bank/international wire transfer, 0 trading/high deposit trading ratio, and immediately applies for digital currency/e-wallet withdrawal in a short period of time, the withdrawal will be rejected. The client can only choose local bank/international wire transfer method/non cros-currency method withdraw method.
    ii. If the client has not logged in for a long time, the initial balance is 0, and suddenly a local bank/international wire transfer deposits, the ratio of 0 transactions/deposit transactions is high, and the client immediately applies for a digital currency/e-wallet withdrawal within a short period of time, the withdrawal will be rejected and payment options will not be provided.
  3. Apply for digital currency withdrawal after depositing with Visa/Master credit cards.
  4. Clients apply for cross-currency withdrawals within one month of depositing money from their local bank.(Only for client in China (including Taiwan)).

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