What is the "Cross-Currency/Payment Method Deposit Policy"?

The "Cross-Currency/Payment Method Access Policy" is a policy that addresses that access using different currencies or payment methods, for example:

  • Cross-currency: Deposit in RMB, withdraw in USD
  • Cross payment methods: Deposit via credit card (PayPal), withdrawal via international wire transfer

Doo Prime has established a highly transparent and flexible "Cross-Currency/Payment Access Policy", which specifies the restrictions on cross-currency access methods and amounts, as well as the withdrawal fees to be paid, in order to protect the rights and interests of our company. This is to prevent our clients from engaging in bad trading practices such as taking advantage of our free deposit handling fee promotions while performing currency exchange, cash out and money laundering with us.

If any abnormal operation is found, Doo Prime reserves the right to take legal action.

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