4.3 Agent fee

In addition to introducing promoters, signal sources can also add signal source partners and set corresponding signal source partner fees. Compared with introducing promoters, signal source partners have a closer relationship with signal source, and signal source can set exclusive promotion fee ratios for signal source partners independently.

Under the same documentary conditions, the signal source can set different percentages of signal source partner fees for different signal source partners, and once the introduction promotion fee is set, it will be treated equally for all promoters and will remain unchanged. In addition, the introducing promoter is attached to the follower, while the signal source partner is attached to the copying condition of the signal source. Users cannot become signal source partners through public methods. To become a source partner can only be specified privately through the source.

Whether it is a source partner fee or an introduction promotion fee, the percentage of the fee must not reach or exceed 100. Once set to 100, the signal source will not be able to earn any income, and all performance fees will be distributed among promoters.

a. Calculation method and example of signal source partner fee

Calculation formula:

Signal Source Partner Fee = Performance Fee * Signal Source Partner Fee Percentage (paid to Signal Source Partners attached to Signal Source Copy Conditions).


Fee Percentage for Signal Source Partner 1: 30

Fee Percentage for Signal Source Partner 2: 20

Referral Fee Percentage: 10 (paid to promoters attached to followers)

Performance fee: 20

When the follower closed the position, he received a profit of 100 US dollars

Then follower pay = 100 USD * 20 = 20 USD as performance fee

Source Partner 1 charge = $20 * 30 = $6

Source Partner 2 charges = $20 * 20 = $4

Referral Fee = Performance Fee * Referral Fee Percentage = $20 * 10 = $2

Source charges remaining fee (40) = $20 * 40 = $8

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