2. Main features of CopyTrading

2.1 Role setting

In CopyTrading, there are three roles for you to choose from, namely follower, signal source and introducer, and you can switch between the three roles at will.

    • signal source

      Signal sources are trading accounts that conduct real-time transactions and provide trading strategies. Signal sources can share their own trading strategies for other traders to follow, and once a specific transaction is profitable, they can get a share of the profit.

    • follower

      Followers can carry out corresponding trading operations by following the trading signals shared by the signal source. A follower account can follow multiple signal sources at the same time in order to maximize profits.

    • Introduce Promoter

      Introducers can earn referral promotion fees by recommending signal sources to other traders. Without any cost input, as long as the recommended trading signal source achieves profitability, the introduction and promotion fee of the signal source can be obtained.

In addition, the introducer can go a step further and upgrade to become a signal source partner to obtain an additional customized recommendation fee ratio provided by the signal source.

2.2 Flexible profit distribution

CopyTrading can set different profit sharing ratios for investors to choose. Once the transaction is profitable, all parties involved in the transaction can share the profit in proportion.

2.3 Signal source square

CopyTrading provides a trading signal source square for traders to view detailed trading performance statistics, such as return rate, average profitable trade, average trading time and investment varieties. By knowing these statistics, users can decide which traders to follow.

2.4 Semi-public community transactions

Signal sources can publish their trading signal sources on the CopyTrading platform to gain the attention of investors from all over the world. Alternatively, the signal source can also choose to recommend high-risk, high-return trading strategies to specific followers in a private manner.

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