4.2 Introduction and promotion fee

The introducer is responsible for promoting the signal source and attracting followers to subscribe. The signal source needs to pay the promotion fee to the promoter who successfully attracts followers to subscribe. Introductory promotion fees are directly dependent on subscription performance. The signal source can set the referral promotion fee as a percentage for a copying condition, and once set, it is applicable to all promoters.

a. Introduce the calculation method and examples of promotion fees

The introduction promotion fee is paid according to the percentage set by the signal source on the basis of the performance fee.

Calculation formula: 

Referral Fee = Performance Fee * Referral Fee Percentage (paid to Promoters attached to Followers).

  • Example:

Introductory promotion fee: 10

Performance fee: 20

A gain of $100 was obtained when the follower closed the position

Then followers need to pay = 100 USD * 20 = 20 USD as a performance fee

Referral Fee = Performance Fee * Referral Fee Percentage = $20 * 10 = $2

Signal Source Charges = Performance Fee – Introductory Promotion Fee = $20 – $2 = $18

b. Introduce how to add promoters

To add a referral promoter, there are several options:

b1. Add by registration
When the user registers as a follower, he only needs to enter the MetaTrader trading account of the introduction promotion on the registration page to add the introduction promoter.

b2. Add via promoter link

Followers can register through the link set by the signal source that contains the referrer ID. Followers registered through this join link will be automatically assigned to the added referrer.

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