How to become a Doo PAMM "Master"?

Users can register an active account and share trading strategies through the following steps.

a. Log in and create a new PAMM account. For account creation details, check out "How to open a PAMM account with Doo PAMM?".

b. When a new PAMM account is successfully created, the user will see the created account in the "Active Accounts" section of the "Master" page.

“Master” with Doo PAMM

c. If the user wishes to create a quote or manage the settings of a Master account, please click on the desired Master account in the active accounts list for more details. The system will generate charts showing earnings, day's earnings, equity, quotes, exposure levels, maximum drawdowns, profits and net distributions for the selected Master account.

Gain Charts

d. Users can also edit related settings.

Save Settings

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