What is "PAMM Account Rating"?

“PAMM Account Rating” lists accounts by trading performance. It helps assess the master's results, choose an account, and make assignments. “Active Offers” are displayed by default, but you can view all accounts by unchecking “Active Offers Only”.

PAMM Accounts

In the masters’ rating, you'll find the following parameters:

  • Account: The PAMM Account's name is used in the offer parameters.
  • Total Gain (%): The account's current gain.
  • Daily Gain (%): The profit from the previous day.
  • Since Opened, days: The number of days since the account was opened.
  • Maximum Drawdown Rate (%): Maximum historical loss as a percentage of total gain.
  • ROR (Rate of Return): The ratio of money gained or lost on assignments relative to the assigned amount.
  • Gain Chart: A graphical view of the current account gain.

For the "Top Followers Rating", there are five parameters:

  • Account: The Follower's Customer Account.
  • Country: The Follower's country of residence.
  • Join Date: The date the follower joined the offer.
  • Gain: The Follower's gain from the offers.
  • Gain Chart: Graphical display of gain changes.

User may expand rows to see PAMM Account names, offers, and detailed gain charts.

For more information and trading results of a master, click on their "PAMM Name" for analysis purposes. Parameters are divided into five groups: General, Funds, Trading, Advanced, Peaks, and Settings. Users may sort and apply filters to any column.

More details at https://dppamm.com/en/howitworks/general/overview

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