What is the “Agent Commission”?

Agent Commission – a percentage of the master`s “Performance Fee” that is transferred to an agent when profit is distributed between the master and the followers at the end of the trading interval. The size (in %) of “Agent Commission” is set by the master.

An example is given for better understanding.

Agent Commission


a. The Follower 1, a customer of the Doo Prime, created a PAMM Account.

b. The Follower 2 became a customer of Doo Prime using Agent A’s referral link and joined the same PAMM account.

c. At the trading interval because of the master's successful work PAMM account balance increased.

d. Follower 1 and Follower 2 pay the master’s performance fee following the offer parameters.

e. The master pays a certain commission to the agent for attracting the Follower 2. ”Agent Commission" is deducted from the Follower 2’s performance fee.

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