What is the Doo Prime Swap-Free Program?

Doo Prime offers non-stop interest-free activities. You can invest in precious metal CFDs, major currency pairs, cross currency pairs, stock index CFDs and US stock CFDs through existing ECN, STP, and CENT trading accounts without paying overnight interest.

Products are eligible for Swap-Free promotion:  

Product variety   Before Adjustment   After Adjustment  
Precious metals (Metals)   With overnight interest   Swap-Free  
Spot Index CFD (Stock Indices CFD)   With overnight interest   Swap-Free  
U.S. Stock CFD (US Stock CFD)   4% Swap-Free
Major currency pairs (Major Forex) With overnight interest Swap-Free
Cross currency pair (Cross Forex) With overnight interest Swap-Free


*For the terms and details of the campaign, please contact the 1-on-1 exclusive account manager

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