Can I submit a withdrawal request when my sub-account is linked with a PAMM account?

Sub-accounts are allowed to withdraw funds when it is still copying orders. If there is a sub-account earning profit, the system will automatically share the profit when the client withdraws money according to the pre-set profit-sharing ratio. If no share ratio is set, no profit-sharing will be made. Clients should note that it is not recommended to fully withdraw funds from a sub-account, as a full withdrawal will trigger the profit-sharing mechanism and may result in a negative balance in the sub-account after the profit-sharing. 

In order to ensure the normal deduction of PAMM profit-sharing, it is recommended that clients transfer the amount to the trading wallet in batches before requesting a withdrawal. For example, the client can transfer USD 100 to the trading wallet before transferring the remaining amount to the trading wallet for withdrawal or directly withdraw from the trading account in order to trigger the profit-sharing mechanism. 

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